Abortion – Pro-Choice Versus Pro-Life


Abortion (noun): the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus.1

The mainstream argument on abortion seems a little strange to me. First, you have the pro-choice advocates that say women should maintain control of their own bodies. Then, you have the pro-life movement that argues to protect the unborn fetus. Unfortunately, after studying the merits from both sides of the argument, I disagree with both sides almost entirely.

Pro-Choice Argument

I fully support getting government completely out of and away from health care. This position includes governing how women handle pregnancy. Based on that, one might assume that makes me pro-choice. Which, if the actual position meant simply giving women the right to choose, I would wholeheartedly agree.

However, digging deep into the actual mentality of the so called pro-choice argument, it seems more like pro-abortion. The pro-abortion argument comes primarily from third-wave feminists who claim that aborting a pregnancy empowers them. Superficially, you can find organizations like NARAL and Feminist Majority who tout phrases like:

“We organize and mobilize to protect that freedom by fighting for access to abortion care.”2

“The FMF supports safe, legal and accessible abortion.” 3

This sounds pretty pro-woman. It’s not. Once you peel back the layers, you find a group of extremists (not the majority) who push their agenda to promote abortion. These individuals claim that killing an unborn child gives them control of their bodies. Which, upon reflection brings the second half of the argument to full swing.

Pro-Abortion Follow on Arguments

The biggest reasons cited for encouraging abortions comes from Planned Parenthood. According to their own website,4 reasons for abortion include:

  • They’re not ready to be a parent yet.
  • They want to finish school, focus on work, or achieve other goals before having a baby.
  • They’re not in a relationship with someone they want to have a baby with.
  • They’re in an abusive relationship or were sexually assaulted.
  • They just don’t want to be a parent.

But when someone points out how immature most of those are, they point specifically at the sexually assaulted bullet and ask what about rape? I’ll get to that later, I promise.

Pro-Life Argument

The pro-life argument comes from the idea that an unborn baby still has the basic human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Strangely enough, the Pro-abortion movement claims that the fetus doesn’t count as human. So this brings up the question: when does life begin? Since many of the conservative supporters draw on the bible for their guidance, let’s look at the verse to better understand their position:

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”5

A few other places in the bible mention children in the womb as well. Studying them, you get the idea that life definitely begins before birth in a biblical sense.6 But, according to conservative intellectual Ben Shapiro, you should never base your argument sole on the Bible. He states that God doesn’t make stupid rules, so there’s always a logical reasoning behind the doctrine.

Secular Reasoning Against Abortion

Professionals in the medical field declare someone devoid of life when the brain or heart stop. A fetus begins showing brain activity around five to six weeks (around the forty-five day mark). However, the heart begins beating at only three weeks (around the twenty-two day mark). So by the reasoning that we use to determine death, a fetus is a living person merely three weeks after conception.

That means, if you abort a pregnancy after three weeks, you technically end a life.

Truly Pro-Choice

While I disagree with the pro-abortion arguments, you cannot legislate good morality. Taking a human life, especially one so helpless as an unborn child makes someone a monster. But, allowing the government to regulate abortion diminishes the individual liberties of those monsters.

Using Rape To Argue For Abortion

I dug deep for this, and came up with absolutely nothing. In no other argument does one heinous act justify another. Specifically, nothing comparable to rape justifies anything comparable to the murder of an unborn child. Other options exist for post-rape recovery, and hopefully someone thinks of them before life begins inside the victim. Planned Parenthood offers a plethora of information and resources for emergency contraception.7 I would highly recommend educating yourself and others, because this may save a life, if not two.

The Discussion

Nothing in my opinion or analysis of this subject is subjective. I feel very strongly about this matter because I was conceived by accident. She determined that placing me up for adoption through a religious family service would give me the best chance. Because of that, I’ve lived a very good life. One that I thank her for every chance I get.

I am always open to hear your opinions though, especially if they disagree with my own. I believe that if we can open an honest discussion about topics like abortion, we might someday find a solution that helps our society move forward instead of just arguing senselessly. You can get involved here, or in my other political topics.