Be An Amazing Lover Without Changing Who You Are

Amazing Lover

I read an article once about what men considered an amazing lover to be; and it disgusted me. The article seemed to tell women to get attention by dressing and acting like sluts. However, the type of attention that draws hardly qualifies as worthwhile. If you want attention, try a different approach, like learning what makes them tick. By adjusting your approach to them slightly, you can take control of your relationship. You also have the ability to benefit from a lover who needs you in their lives.

Be Their Amazing Lover

Among the many books I read, I bought one that completely changed my love life. The Five Love Languages taught me tricks to make everyone I dated feel loved in a way that they understood best. The trust and companionship allowed them to relax around me a lot faster. As a result, I always felt like their amazing lover.

You can take this little quiz to help you figure out their love language:

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