Attract Good Men Doing What You Love

attract good men

Many women seem confused about how to attract good men. However, like the law of attraction; if you look for trash, you find exactly that: trash.

Dress to Attract Good Men

Many girls often blow up at their moms, friends, teachers, and even strangers that they can dress how they like. You have the human right to do whatever you want, and that includes how you dress. However, you have no control over how other people perceive your intentions when you dress like a slut.

The word sultry describes how most women want others to see them: attractive, passionate by nature, and fun. A confident woman, dressed to keep their best features accented never needs to show much skin to get attention. However, an insecure girl, will dress in such a way that every one can see everything she lacks. The latter of these two extremes attracts men who like to prey on women, because they perceive them as desperate. The sultry woman discourages such trash, because she looks like she knows exactly what she wants.

Meet Men On Your Terms

Going out to a bar, dressed like tart tells men around you that you want them to hit on you. Maybe you want the opportunity to tell them no, and hey it feels nice having that power sometimes. But if you want to meet a man who shares some of your interests, try meeting them where you like to hang out.

If you like to read, for instance, look around when you go to the library. Sure, you might see some slobs, and other gross people, but that’s no different from the bar scene; except maybe the smell of alcohol, or lack thereof. You might also seem some interesting men who actually came to the library because they like books.

Some girls like going to the gym. I know you notice the men who come there to work out, and watch you to see if you really workout or not. If you seriously enjoy the gym, and you happen to see someone that you find interesting, you have your pick there.

Shopping, dancing, spectating, jogging… the list goes on. I want to impress on you the fact that you can meet a decent guy doing whatever you enjoy. Having something in common right away, sets the groundwork for a friendship that you can use to ignite a wonderful relationship.

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