Baby Oil Aftershave: Fact or Fiction

Shaving with Baby Oil!
Shaving with Baby Oil!

The idea that you can use baby oil for aftershave or shave gel came from a Pin that I keep seeing all over Pinterest. I feel very cautious about ridiculous claims like this, because so many trolls out there feed dumb ideas into the net for kicks. After researching several reputable sites, I discovered that baby oil really can moisturize. I conducted a series of experiments based on the various Pinterest claims, and wrote my findings based on that.

Shaving With Baby Oil

I preface this with one small piece of advice: DON’T DO IT!

First, I ran through my usual shower routine (lather, rinse, exfoliate). Then, I generously applied baby oil to my entire shave surface (legs, arms, etc…). Almost as soon as I began, I regretted my decision, and just grit my teeth as I ran the razor over every square inch. Finally, after several long minutes of arduous torture, I analyzed the end result of several nicks, random hair, a slick shower, and a clogged razor.

I almost quit my experiment here, because it took three days to repair all the damage to my skin, body hair, and pride. To continue, I just convinced myself that I needed to finish in the name of science.

Baby Oil Aftershave

The requirements for this claim took much less effort on my part. I began by running through my usual shower routine, to include using shave gel to shave. Afterwards, I applied a generous amount of baby oil to my loofah, and exfoliated with it. After the shower, I examined my handiwork, and much to my pleasure, it appeared smooth and silky. The baby oil kept my skin moist for days, and it seemed to slow down the hair growth ever so slightly.

After about ten days, I finally got a little bit of regrowth and proceeded with my next experiment.

Baby Oil Moisturizer

This particular experiment felt a little like cheating, since I already knew that using baby oil after my shave would work. However, science without complete experimentation falls short of truth more often than not. So, for my next experiment, I applied baby oil with my loofah again, and proceeded to moisturize my legs with cocoa butter as soon as I exited the shower. The end result looked as smooth as baby skin. Cocoa butter left me feeling so smooth that I literally felt silky smooth from the inside (I know that sounds weird).

My Baseline

To ensure that my conclusions accurately reflected my entire experience, I shaved one last time the way I used to, and applied cocoa butter post shower. The end result felt slightly prickly, and made me feel a little less clean.

Summing up the experiment, I discovered that exfoliating with baby oil after shaving with regular shave gel leave my skin feeling amazing. Any other claims about using baby oil to shave, lack a basis in reality, and likely stem from dirty trolls.

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