Ballerina Bun, A Bun From A Sock

Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun, also known as a sock bun, looks extremely professional without a lot of fuss. Librarians, Marines, and business executives all use the ballerina bun because of how easily they can make it. I read several tutorials and articles about it, however, they seem to want you to take a lot of steps.

To begin the ballerina bun, cut about one inch off the toe of your sock, making a long hollow tube. Begin at the cut end, and roll the sock outward until you use the entire sock. Now, take its mate and cut the toe off of it as well. Thread it through the donut you made with the first sock and roll it into the donut until you roll it entirely.

Fixing Your Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun Steps
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Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Take your sock donut and pull your hair through in a high ponytail. Take care to pull your hair through the same direction your rolled your sock. Also, make certain the sock donut rests completely against your head.

  2. Spread your hair out evenly over the sock donut, completely covering it all the way around. This may take some effort; however, my trick lies in pulling my ponytail straight up while I look downward and letting it fall naturally. That usually leaved a pretty balanced spread.

  3. Collect the hair resting against your head, and twist it under the sock donut in a clockwise motion. Pull your hair tight as you twist so that it naturally tightens the bun against your head. Also consider using a couple of bobby pins on either side, pointing diagonally inward, This helps secure the hair holding the bun together.

  4. Finish by checking for loose hairs (flyaways), and using your fingers to fix any uneven hair twisted under your bun. At this point, some girls use hairspray or gel, but I prefer natural hair.

You can get more creative and actually do things like braid your extra hair and secure it to the outside of the bun with bobby pins. I looked around on places like Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and Google for ideas, and they have plenty. However, I suggest practicing the fundamental bun several times to get the hang of it first.

If you have any comments or questions on this or other hairstyles, please share in the comments section below.

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