Big Body Changes – Eight Weeks Marker

Big Body Changes

My breast buds changed very little from the beginning of the month but I notice other big body changes. The breast buds still feel super sensitive, but not so painful as they felt earlier this month. The breast tissue spreads out though, kind of like a cookie when you bake it. I feel like my body is baking itself to perfection. 🙂

Of all the changes I knew to expect, sterility seemed like a distant possibility. However, I noticed today that my seminal fluid appears completely clear now. That thought shocked me, realizing now that I really had committed to the changes in my body. At this point, I somewhat feel like just holding on to see what happens next.

Below, I took a few of the expectations you can have, and summarized them the best I could. You really want to manage your expectations while taking hormones. These little pills require dedication, and hard work, with very slow results, and some really serious side effects.

Big Body Changes That You Can Expect

  • Breast Development Just like genetic women, breast growth varies a ton from person to person. It will take at least two years to reach your full size. Even then you may never reach bigger than a B cup, depending on your genetics. After a couple of months a noticeable sensitivity begins, just like a teenage girl. As they begin to grow, you notice several things that will normal out in a matter of months. First, you can feel the spherical growth behind your nipples. Then, you may feel the glands start to grow and expand. Feeling a little overwhelmed happens often, so have a friend handy to talk to.
  • Body Hair Changes Hormones are not magic pills, they will not reverse your natural body hair as it now sits. However, over time, as hair falls out on your arms, legs, chest, abdomen, and face, you will notice it get thinner. Your pubic hair pattern will change to a more triangular feminine shape. While I just remove it, you can use electrolysis to speed things along.
  • Skin, Muscle, and Fat! Hormones change your entire body, not just your chest. I noticed my skin changing rapidly in the first three weeks of hormones. It became extremely soft and substantially less oily. My fat seemed to fall to my upper chest and hips, which felt a little strange. According to most of my research this actually takes about one and sometimes up to two years to finish. As for my muscle mass, it’s gone! My hard work continues to help me stay fit, but my mass is gone. It literally seems like my muscles melted away over the last two months.
  • Reproductive Changes Sterility really shocked me a little, despite knowing it would happen. One of the less shocking changes I noticed included my testicles shrinking to about half their starting size. My prostate feels a little more difficult to find, since it seems to have shrunk as well. I noticed that I don’t wake up with erections any more. It seems to take serious thought to get into the mood for any sexual activity.

I sincerely hope this little guide helps manage your expectations. If you have any comments or questions about big body changes to expect, please leave them below.

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