Fireproof Your Isolation

Fireproof came to me as I stepped out of my garage. I noticed my two youngest running towards the fire engine parked right in front of our house. First, I called them back to the house. Then, I went to check on my neighbors. Apparently, one of them had been frying something when the oil caught fire. Flames instantly claimed their kitchen, burning my neighbors hand pretty badly as well.

This accident could have happened to anybody, at any time. However, because it happened during the infamous COVID-19 Isolation of 2020, it gave me an idea for a title. So, I snapped a picture of the fire engine and went to writing.

Fireproof Your Basic Needs

Finding shelter should always be your first step in providing for your basic needs. In our modern world, that means making your home a safe place. Once you accomplish that, providing water and food become an easy thing.

Avoid Debt: Living Within Your Means

In simple English, don’t spend money you don’t have. Unfortunately, nowadays, you almost cannot buy a house without a mortgage. But, by living within a strict budget, you can avoid using credit to buy what you can’t afford. You can find a simple budget sheet here, or you can do what I did and create one from Pinterest. Either way, that’s step one.

Gain An Adequate Education

This seems like such a simple thing. However, I see more and more populate the news and social media that makes me wonder what went wrong. Hence this:

Getting and education does NOT mean you have to go to college, and amass a ridiculous debt. There are some degrees (i.e. physician, economist, lawyer, physicist, psychologist) that require an extended education. However, for many other occupations, you can go to trade schools, join the military, or recieve on-the-job training. This provides more valuable skills than an Ivy League education in throwing a tantrum.

Keep A Reserve Of Food And Other Supplies

Unquestionably, the sudden toilet paper shortage of 2020 left many people’s heads spinning. In fact, I still have no idea what started that. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, recommended having a twelve month supply of all essentials. Accordingly, my family prepared, and didn’t actually know about the shortage until a week later. Fireproof!

Similar to a budget, begin by tracking how much of your basics you use on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Then, you can buy those a little at a time, until you have everything you need.

As a rule, do not panic buy ANYTHING. You can manage your finances and your supplies much better if you take things one small step at a time.

Fireproof Your Food Storage For $5 A Week

Fireproof: Provident Living

Two sources that can help you begin to help yourself and others include:


  • Cree Dalene began writing in 2002, for a short story competition. Over the years, Cree developed a love for sharing ideas. Soon that included sharing other skills like cooking, fitness, and programming.

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