Invitation To Fast For Relief From COVID-19

Invitation To Fast For Relief From COVID-19

An invitation to fast came from the leadership from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 26 March 2020 to the entire world.

To members of the Church of Jesus Christ, fasting means going without food for a short period of time (usually two meals, or twenty-four hours). Additionally, religious fasting entails praying for certain specific blessings, and a small offering.

Fast Offerings

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ donate the cost of those missed meals to the welfare program. This small sacrifice allows the Church of Jesus Christ to provide relief across the globe. Additionally, the only condition on said help is that you need it. No one is turned away.

Invitation to Fast

Regardless of your personal beliefs, I would invite you to join us. If you can donate a token to relief b efforts wherever you are. However, if you can’t, please join our prayers for those men and women working tirelessly to bring the world relief.


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