New General Handbook For The Church of Jesus Christ

New General Handbook

The First Presidency published a New General Handbook, detailing the administration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today. This singular book replaces the older Handbook 1 & 2. Additionally, our leaders saw fit to release it to the entire world, instead of only allowing those in leadership access to it.

Roughly 80% of the contents remain unchanged from the previous two handbooks. Admittedly, most men and women, even within the Church of Jesus Christ, are unfamiliar with either book.

New General Handbook Changes

The first four chapters give the reader a basic understanding of the organization used within the Church of Jesus Christ. Beginning with the Plan of Happiness, and delving into the work of exaltation and salvation. Right away, it outlines the framework for the General Handbook.

Since the Church of Jesus Christ refocused its efforts on the family, the changes include defining the role of the family. Similarly, it defines the relationship and roles between the Home and Church. These more clear definitions include the Priesthood.

The New Handbook defines the Priesthood, where it comes from, and how it works. Despite previous misconceptions, this chapter also explains the role of the Priesthood regardless of assignment, gender, or service.

“All Church members who keep their covenants — women, men and children — are blessed with God’s priesthood power in their homes to strengthen themselves and their families.”

Priesthood Principles, General Handbook, 2020

Right in the beginning, the General Handbook delves into the leadership as well. Stepping away from the rigidity of a “typical” ward. Since the situations differs worldwide, the First Presidency revised the leadership guidance to fit any situation.


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