Body Hair Removal Best Practices

body hair removal

Body hair removal seems like one seriously confusing topic. You can tweeze, shave, depilate, wax, sugar, thread, or even *rub hair away. However, with a little guidance, you can navigate the amazing landscape of your body with ease.

Eyebrows – Body Hair Removal

Traditionally, ladies learn to tweeze their eyebrows from an early age. Why mothers allow their daughters to butcher their eyebrows remains a mystery to me. Having another person help you for this one piece of grooming makes your eyebrows so much easier to handle.

Waxing your eyebrows at a salon remains the quickest way to get smoothly shaped, beautiful brows. At a professional salon, you and also choose the option of tweezing, which takes slightly longer. Another professional option comes from threading salons. Here, specialists use cotton thread to line up your eyebrows perfectly. The symmetry and accuracy of threading amazed me the first time I tried it, but so did the excruciating pain. If you posses a decent pain tolerance, I personally recommend threading.

Facial Fuzz – Body Hair Removal

As weird as it sounds, we all grow hair on our faces. Not usually big burly beards, but peach fuzz grows everywhere! If you begin shaving, you cut the fuzz off just next to your skin, which might well activate growth of that fuzz into a beard.

Most professionals tell you to wax that off. In this regard not many choices exist. You could have it threaded, or even learn to thread yourself, but that hurts. So your best bet here remains having a salon wax your face to ensure they pull out all the fuzz from the roots, and avoid embarrassing situations later in life.

Underarms – Body Hair Removal

Gross! In some countries ladies wander around with armpit hair long enough to braid. For those of us who find that less appealing, we have a couple of good options for hair removal.

Shaving definitely seems the fastest and simplest method of removing underarm hair. Since your hair under there grows in six different directions, just shave in up and down strokes. You can also do this in the shower as part of your normal routine so it’s hardly noticeable maintenance.

You may also decide to use a keratin based depilation cream. This method leaves your smoother for about a week at a time. However, it requires you to take about four extra minutes to allow the chemical to burn away your hair. I personally prefer depilation to shaving any day, as razors never seem to work perfectly.

Chest and Tummy – Body Hair Removal

Tweezers. Yes tweezing your chest and tummy hurt, but since that particular hair grows back so slowly, tweezing allows you to stay hair free the longest. However, if you don’t feel like you want to pluck out individual hairs, you can also have your entire torso waxed at a salon for not a lot of money.

Bikini Line – Body Hair Removal

Shaving these delicate hairs kind of hurts. Waxing hurts even more, but in a very different way. Tweezing and threading both bring a new definition to personalized torture. While most professionals recommend waxing your privates, I highly suggest using depilation cream in one small area at a time instead.

You can use depilation cream in small doses to small patches of hair for about four minutes at a time. This allows you to accurately shape and time your hair removal process with minute attention to detail. You absolutely must pay extremely close attention to the time though, as keratin can cause severe burns to those delicate parts if left to long.

Legs – Body Hair Removal

Easily one of my favorite topics. Shaving your legs requires a little preparation, but with practice, you can easily and effortlessly get it done.

The runners up for removing hair form your legs include: depilation cream, which only requires about four extra minutes of your shower time; or waxing professionally, which only requires a little bit of money. Whatever your preference, just keep it steady to maintain beautifully smooth legs.

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*Rubbing by using an abrasive pad intended for hair removal probably stands as the single most painful method to get smooth skin.

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