Bra Sizing Correctly – How To Measure

bra sizing

Bra sizing seems like such a complicated ordeal! Measure your bust, then your band, and subtract your band from your bust… Supposedly that makes me a 40E! Some days I wish, but that wouldn’t even come close to fitting me. However, if I measure each breast individually the results actually come out to 36B (38A). So why the difference!

Bra Sizing Simplified

Thank heaven for Victoria’s Secret. I knew my approximate size (36C, I was optimistic), but it fit funny. So after a little consultation, they suggested measuring each breast individually to see my cup size. Each breast came in between 7-7.5 inches depending on the angle of my tape. So they showed me the chart below to help me figure it out. My actual band measurement is 37.5 inches, so by rounding up I get 38A. However, that felt really lose around my chest, so I tried a 36B full cup and it fit perfectly.

Bra Sizing Recommendations

I highly recommend going to someplace like Victoria’s Secret where you can have a professional actually measure your breasts and correctly size a bra to fit your ideal shape. However, as you can see, sizing doesn’t need to take complicated math to figure out either.

Bra Sizes

Do you have any experience trying to find the right bra? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below, or you can email me personally

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