Breast Growth Begins – Tanner Stages

Breast Growth - Tanner Stages

I woke up this morning feeling like I would after a chest workout, breast growth begins. The pain feels like muscles growing and lactic buildup in my chest. I am clueless about the pain coming from the hormones. Maybe I did push-ups in my sleep.

For Clarification, I am still in Tanner Stage I. This growth usually means my body began to transition between stages. I should actually transition into Tanner Stage II in about six weeks. Below you can read a sample timetable of what I’m supposed to look for.

MtF Tanner Stages of Breast Growth
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Tanner Stage I: Your Baseline

Tanner Stage I literally means your pre-hormonal baseline. Your chest at this point is equal to that of a pre-adolescent girl, with a small raised nipple (papilla) and no notable breast tissue on your chest.

Tanner Stage II: Breast Growth Begins

Tanner Stage II occurs after about six to eight weeks of hormone treatment. During this stage, you will feel extremely tender tissue developing under your nipples. Your nipples will feel ultra sensitive as your milk ducts in the areola begin to grow. A small mound appears as the breast tissue begins to grow.

Tanner Stage III: Milk Glands Develop

Tanner Stage III begins in earnest anywhere from six to twelve months after you begin hormones. Your areola will expand to their full size, and you will notice serious expansion in your bust. At this point, you have milk glands that will begin attaching to your milk ducts in your nipples.

Tanner Stage IV: Breasts Reach Maturity

Tanner Stage IV takes anywhere from one to two years to reach. Once you get here, your areola will protrude from your breast, and you will have a sort of mound on a mound. At this point, you have fully formed breasts.

Tanner Stage V: The Final Curve

Tanner Stage V may or may not actually happen from hormone therapy. If it does, you will see this stage after two years of continuous hormones. The only thing that really changes is that your areola recedes into the contour of your breast. Your nipples may still protrude slightly.

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