Breast Massage – A How To Guide

Breast Massage

You should give yourself a breast massage at least once a month. First, a regular breast massage encourages healthy blood flow, which reduces the risk of breast cancer. Anything that improves your odds against breast cancer gets my vote.

Secondly, regular breast massages increase the production of prolactin, which stimulates health breast growth. So something that feels good and fights cancer also makes breasts perky!

Similarly, with frequent breast massage, you stimulate your nervous system, making your breasts more sensative. This increased stimulation releases oxytocin and helps relieve stress and avoid depression.

Simple Breast Massage Step-by-Step

Breast Massage

Time needed: 30 minutes.

The steps below feature a simplified breast massage you can do as often as you like.

  1. First, Rub massage oil on your entire breast

    Only use about as much pressure as you would to touch your eyelid. Spread massage oil from your nipple to the outter edge of your breast in a circular motion. Massage oil prevents your sensitive skin from painful friction.

  2. Then, warm up your breast with your fingertips 

    Start at your nipple, and brush your fingers to the outter edge with slightly more pressure every time. Never skip this step!

  3. Next, knead your breast with the same side hand

    Pick up your left breast with your right hand underneath. Then, use your left hand with your four fingers flat to knead your breast with slowly increasing pressure.

  4. Finally, cool your breast down with a soft finger massage

    Finish off your breast massage by gently using your fingers to stroke from the nipple outward. Continue this until your breast cools down and you can feel them relax. The motion here allows the fluids trapped in your breast to escape.

Tips For Your First Breast Massage

Asside from good hygiene before and after a breast massage, you should also hydrate. Drinking lots of fluids, water or electrolytes, allows your body to replace the fluids drained by the massage.

You should also note, that increasing the pressure slowly will help you avoid a painful experience. Only use as much pressure as feels comfortable.


If you have any questions or advice about a breast massage, feel free to leave them in the comments below. How often do you treat yourself to a massage?

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