Columbus Discovered America – And Other Fun Myths

Columbus discovered America

Columbus Discovered America

If Columbus discovered America then the European countries would not have had to eliminate any locals. However, the Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French all fought and killed to gain a foothold. So you might wonder who exactly discovered America. I refuse to lie and pretend I know who or when.

Several hundred years before Columbus, the Vikings made trips all over the North Atlantic, likely including the American continent. Credit for historically “discovering” the entire American Continent goes to Amerigo Vespucci. The word “America” also comes from his name.

Darwin Said We Come From Apes

Charles Robert Darwin said “that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.” Nothing about that says we came from apes!

In theory, our ancestors who remained ignorant or weak were weeded out and not allowed to reproduce. This effectively describes how society continues to work today. While society and politics might try to convince you that color, gender, or preferences dictate, that myth make me laugh too. A persons ability to cope and learn ensure their survival much more than demographics.

Worthless Nipples On Men

The old taunt “worthless as nipples on a dude” shows ignorance more than anything. In the uterus, nipples develop first so before anything else. However, this hardly means the fetus remains sexless. Our chromosomes dictates gender from conception. On the other hand, male nipples actually do have several functions.

First of all, they feel just a sensitive when aroused as girls do! Secondly, they actually do have the ability to lactate under certain conditions! Oh, and guys can also experience orgasms through nipple stimulation. Finally, you should note that some women actually like nipples as much as guys do.

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