Cross Sex Hormone Therapy Nine Month Update

Cross Sex Hormone Therapy for Male to Female Transition.
Cross Sex Hormone Therapy for Male to Female Transition.

Cross Sex Hormone Therapy

It feels like I posted eight week updates a short while back, but it’s been a VERY long time since I described anything related to that. I stopped cross sex hormone therapy for quite a long while, and came back to it September of 2017, completely restarting my timeline. The changes followed exactly the same format though.

Breast Development

Despite the plethora of individuals posting that you can only expect about a B, that entirely depends on genetics. I had a lingerie store measure me the last time I went shopping for bras, and they sized me at a solid C. Unlike the beginning, I no longer get daily growing pains, and in fact hardly notice them at all when it happens.

It might seem silly to some, but I really hope they stop growing, or at least slow down a lot. I went from a nearly flat chest in August/September to a C cup in only nine months, and I’ve definitely noticed the attention I get from everyday things like shopping, and spending time with my family.

Body Hair Changes

Other than a slight change in the texture of my hair, nothing else really changed. I started taking a high dosage of biotin in May 2018, and it helped a ton with the texture and overall health of my hair. I still remove my body hair routinely, and decided not to opt for anything else.

Skin, Muscle, and Fat!

The changes in my skin leave me feeling vulnerable, as I now seem to bruise for no reason at all. The biotin supplements I took help keep it healthy, and help it heal quickly. But overall, I noticed the most change between two and three months.

My muscle mass changed dramatically when I began cross sex hormone therapy. Now, I am developing my strength and endurance painfully slow. The amount of effort it takes to push past my limits every day seems exponentially different than before.

The amount of fat on my body feels strange. Some people claim that I don’t look like I have much fat at all, but I know I’m well above twenty percent. Most of the fat stayed in my chest and butt, however, a little has crept into my mid section. I need heavy and long cardio to keep myself from ballooning. But I knew the physical requirements before I started, so it’s not that big a deal.

Reproductive/Intimacy Changes

Starting with testicle size, I’ve noticed that they shrunk to roughly the size of a shooter marble. Spontaneous erection absolutely never happen, even when I’m beyond hot and bothered. Nothing about my attraction and preferences changed, though I noticed that high concentrations of testosterone cause a longing for Crystal. I’m still able to function well, with two points that completely changed the game. Multi-orgasmic sessions, and a lack of ejaculations made things so much more intense.

I sincerely hope this little guide helps manage your expectations. If you have any comments or questions about cross sex hormone therapy, please leave them below.

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