Cross Sex Hormone Therapy – One Year Update

On 29 September 2017, I began cross sex hormone therapy as treatment for gender dysphoria. My experiences and perceptions changed pretty dramatically over the course of the year.

Cross Sex Hormone Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

How much Breast Development did you experience during your first year of cross sex hormone therapy?

At first, breast growth actually scared me a little. I went from a flat chest (37″) to a full 38C in only nine months. However, several people informed me that this almost never happens. The best I can tell, I simply have breast growing genes. I may have already had breast tissue there, from growing up with low testosterone.

What affects did cross sex hormone therapy have on your body hair?

I only noticed changes towards the latter end of the year. First, only the texture of my hair changed. Then, suddenly I only needed to shave once a week. This probably comes from good genes as well.

Did your skin seem more prone to damage or bruising?

At first, I noticed mysterious bruising all over the place. After I began taking Biotin supplements, the elasticity in my skin skyrocketed. I felt my skin get stronger, softer, and healthier than ever.

Hygiene needs attention while I visit this topic. I take extreme care to regularly exfoliate, applying cocoa butter and baby oil, and cleanliness overall. Taking care of yourself makes things so much better.

How did cross sex hormone therapy affect your muscle mass and strength?

The Marines require me to maintain a high fitness standard. Therefore, my strength reflects my rigorous daily routines. That said,  first, I noticed my arms getting thinner. Then, I realized my shoulders fit my shirts differently. Overall, my muscle mass shifted more than shrunk.

What affect did cross sex hormone therapy have on your body fat distribution?

Around my nine month update, I noticed a lot of the fat on my chest and butt. Again, due to my fitness routine, I adjusted my lifestyle to minimize the amount of fat. Despite that, I still accumulated fat on my cheeks, neck, chest, waist, hips, butt and thighs.

Did your reproductive health change during your first year of cross sex hormone therapy?

My entire reproductive system changed fundamentally. First I noticed the physical change of reduced gonad size. Shortly afterwards, I realized that spontaneous erections no longer happened. Despite these two major changes, my physiology remained fully capable.

How did cross sex hormone therapy affect your intimacy?

My attraction and preferences remained the same. However, the way others saw me changed pretty dramatically. Keeping an intimate relationship hot, takes a lot more effort when one person feels less attraction. This struggle seems a lot more common. Unfortunately, the effect on people usually means those closest to you go through a mourning stage. The person they once knew feels lost to them, and that sucks.

Intimate relationships change the most. First, my spouse felt the brunt of the changes and described her feelings as not okay. Then, my parents and closer family began questioning me, and telling me how wrong I am. The effect of both on my children turned them protective and clingy towards me; an affect that I still struggle to explain. Finally, my friends seemed to change their attitudes and ideas about me. Almost like I became another person all together.

Future Expectations

I sincerely hope this blurb helps manage your expectations. If you have any comments or questions about cross sex hormone therapy, please leave them below.

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