Ending Unhealthy Relationships Before They Ruin Your Life

Ending Unhealthy Relationships Before They Ruin Your Life

It seems like ending unhealthy relationships takes the most effort for girls. Sometimes you just have to end it. If you can’t see yourself married to your current relationship, then ditch them. You will either marry or dump every single person you date. That feels cold to say, but it absolutely holds true. If someone enriches your life, cherish them. Otherwise, make room for someone who will.

Ending Unhealthy Relationships

I never take the subject of ending a relationship lightly. So I would first ask myself if I feel happy with a relationship. If I can’t say yes immediately, I ask myself why not. Sometimes I find myself acting selfish or petty. Other times I realized that I no longer felt attracted to someone.

Fortunately, I usually end up in a relationship where mutual respect and a common goal prevail. But a friend of mine told me about one of her past relationships that blew my mind.

The Runner’s Boyfriend

The first time I met my plucky little friend, I recognized a cute attitude. I usually only see that in someone who feel very self-assured, so I struck up a conversation instantly! After awhile, “Jane” confided a story in me that made me furious! In high school, she ran competition long distance. So after graduation, she started her life as a perfect size two. Anyone who saw her automatically knew she was a ten.

Then she met this jerk. Oh, he never treated her like a jerk at first! No, he seemed like the perfect Gentleman until she finally moved in with him. Then the jerk came out. He began to tell her in so many ways that she was never good enough. The longer the relationship went on, the less worthy of him she felt. Of course she consoled herself by eating, and lounging about, losing her interest in running.

It took her joining the Navy and getting away from him before she realized her own self-worth again. She still tries to run, and get back in shape, but she didn’t know about ending unhealthy relationships.

Guys And Girls

Not all of my friends dated bad guys. In fact most of them who have a real man seem perfectly content. Another problem that plagues girls is dating another girl who takes them for granted. For those of you who don’t know, I provide all inclusive security for very wealthy clients. Sometimes my clients needs take me far from home. That sucks for any relationship! My first wife, however, made it even harder.

After seven months of dreaming of nothing but coming home to her, I finally made it home. She picked me up, only to tell me that she was spending the night with a friend. At first, I felt to numb to feel angry. But when I eventually snapped out of it, I realized that she cheated on me every day I was away.

She came to me, telling me that she needed some time, so she was going on a road trip with her friend. Thankfully, I have access to a very good lawyer, and managed to convince her to sign everything away. After the divorce, it took me several months to recover from the emotional backlash. But ending that unhealthy relationship made room for my best friend to come back into my life.

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