Everything I Know About Tucking

Everything I know About Tucking

I can sum up everything I know about tucking in a tiny paragraph. However, given the amount of requests this page alone receives on the subject, You probably want more. In the sections below, I detail who, what, when, where, and why, as well as how. I also included a few tips, tricks, and bad ideas I learned from first hand experience. Hopefully, this post provides you with whatever you need to feel confident tucking.

An Introduction To Tucking

Cross-dressers and transgendered people care the most about tucking to present as a woman. Tucking consists of precisely what it sounds like, tucking your package back between your legs! Whenever someone wants to present as a woman, they tuck to hide everything effectively. Some keep it at home, but others explore dressed completely en femme. It just feels really good for a variety of reasons to have a skill like tucking.Everything I Know About Tucking

Everything I Know About Tucking Well

  1. Shave EVERYTHING!

    This may sound silly, but if you want this to work you need to remove all of your body hair from your neck down! You need to remove your pubic, crotch and butt hair for sanitary reasons. The rest just looks weird if you leave it.

  2. Tuck Your Testicles

    When you were a baby, your testicles resided deep in your abdomen just above your inguinal canals. As you began walking, they escaped and fell into your scrotum. However, those canals don’t close up! To begin your tuck, safely ease your testicles back up your inguinal canals into your abdomen. If you feel any pain, STOP! the little pouches don’t hurt, but if you go farther, you can cause a hernia. A hernia occurs when you rupture your abdomen and your intestines fall into your scrotum.

  3. Wrap Your Scrotum

    With your testicles safely tucked away, you now have an empty bag of flesh to play with. Gently wrap it around your penis like you would a hot dog or taco. This also begins the natural slit at the base of the top of your penis. The illusion you want starts here.

  4. Complete The Tuck

    Now, carefully pull the penis burrito straight down and back towards your anus. Squeeze your legs together, and your entire package should feel securely comfortable. Congratulations! You’ve tucked your package and created a feminine illusion.

  5. Get Dressed!

    At this point, now you just need to pull up your panties to keep everything in place. You have several other options for making this work, and you can read those below. In the meantime, I hope you find this guide useful!

Tips, Tricks, and Bad Ideas

Using Feminine Pads

I first thought up the idea of using feminine sanitary pads early on in my experiments. By placing a pad in an ordinary pair panties, you reinforce the crotch, making them better suited for tucking. Pads also absorb moisture exceedingly well, keeping everything dry downstairs. I now buy them regularly to use when I am en femme for extended periods of time.

Medical Tape Or Adhesive

Medical tape presents another interesting alternative. It features a strong bond that adheres to your skin without tearing at it. Some tapes even come in clear, so you can tape things down discreetly. Eventually, I want to post a series of pictures another friend of mine took, but they take a little while to track down.

Doctors created cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive specifically because super glue sucks on skin. Commonly sold as Dermabond, you can use it to create a semi-permanent bond for secure tucking. To remove it, all you need is petroleum jelly. Simply rub the jelly into the skin and peel the adhesive tissue off. With a little practice, you can create a very convincing vulva that stays even if you get wet and naked. NEVER USE SUPER GLUE! I beg you!

Gaffs And Man Panties

A popular site for cross-dressers sells special undies called Gaffs. These were specifically designed to hold everything in place with sensual satin. The same company also provides “men’s” panties that were specially cut to accommodate male anatomy. Both of these options keep everything neatly in place. This especially helps if you happen to have a smaller package.

Really Bad Ideas

Tucking With Superglue

Methyl‐2‐cyanoacrylate or “super glue” began as a clear plastic for use on guns. Medics tried using it in Vietnam to seal wounds, discovering that it causes acute, chronic skin reactions. As super glue breaks down, it transforms into formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals. In other words, AVOID USING SUPER GLUE!

In my personal experience, superglue absorbs moisture as it dries, and then begins to crystallize. The result looks neither feminine nor pleasing. Instead you end up with a very painful bond that dissolves over a period of about three days. If you attempt to un-stick it, you run the risk of severely damaging your most sensitive skin. If you try to dissolve it, you end up using even harsher chemicals. Overall, using super glue shows severe lack of mental faculties. You should go see a doctor.

Tucking With Duct Tape

While learning everything I know about tucking, I happened across the idea to use duct tape once. Again, thinking I should try for science, I carefully followed the instructions of a loon. Duct tape aficionados claim that you can use it on your skin for just about everything, I disagree.

At first, I admired the nice smooth curves it created. After I finished dressing and began moving around, the duct tape began tugging on my delicate skin. Eventually, it even caused an erection that began pulling the tape away from my scrotum and getting my panties in a twist! I went and found a restroom, and tried fixing it at first, then ripped it the rest of the way off. OUCH! it felt like waxing, except without the benefit of actually removing any hair. So I chalked duct tape up as just another really bad idea.

A Call To Action

So with this post showing everything I know about tucking, and everything I don’t, I would love your input. The comments of my readers has already helped shape this into what it is. Unfortunately I lost all of the comments when I migrated to my new domain, so please leave your comments, experiences, and thoughts in the comments below.

  • Unknown Person
    Will it be hard to pull your balls out? I would want to do this but if I need/ want to pull them out is the main question, and if so how will it be done.
    • Approve​
    • Bety Snake
      Mohu potvrdit, že to funguje. Dokonce většině mužů varlata nahoře nedrží vůbec. Sama stále padají zpět, je to frustrující.
  • Bety Snake
    Hello. I would like to ask how it is with glue and night erection? Are there any risks of tissue damage? Glue I bought, but I'm a little scared. Thank you.
    • Dawn Summer
      I'm on hrt, so nocturnal erections aren't an issue. If you were to get an erection, it would likely strain the bond, and could come undone. If not, you'll be woken up and have to probably use cold water to shrink it again. What kind of glue did you get?
      • Bety Snake
        Have a nice day. This is a glue, see the link to the picture. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to remove the glue anywhere. It separates in 5 to 6 days. I wish you many successes with HRT. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/54c65084dad28706ab863b191ae3c664bd9aa7ca7d86e7e9b481a559ee7ac929.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff58445d914846aa722002b8d5c519672af2fa21dba8fc14b580ab0d188027e8.jpg
        • Julie
          I have not had an erection in years so I do not have to worry. I have tucked like this and I luv it because when I wake up and have to tinkle I have to sit on the toilet. My boyfriend and I went for a walk in the woods and had to squat to pee. All part of being a girl!
          • Bety Snake
            Yes, it is very attractive to me. I was just afraid of night erection :-). I'll try and see. A cold shower will save you.
        • Julie
          I use dermabond
        • Acetone free nail polish remover works for me.
      • Julie
        I am also on HRT. Mentally am as a woman and controlled by estrogen. I live as a woman!
  • Tiffany
    Love to be a girl also. Need help with make up etc. Love to get to know some cd's or she males. I live in Sydney
  • Tiffany
    Interesting facts about the glue. Just wondering how long the glue will last. Everybody does perspire.
    • It lasts about three days. And yes, sweat sucks. I use a sanitary napkin to absurd most of the moisture. The rest you just have to have really good hygiene.
  • Hotlegs
    A tuck I have used all my life is to cinch your panties up tight by tying each side string of my panties to my bra side strap, with string or a piece of shoelace. pulling panties tight up into my crotch holding my tuck in place. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93b89e43f5def880b5abbe08ee8b0cc02cc7d7d903af4bdbd63557668daa49f4.jpg
    • That sounds a little painful... Are you able to walk at the end of the night?