How to do a Facial Cleanse Right

Facial Cleanse

You need to do a facial cleanse every morning, and every night. Cleansing before you put on makeup adds about three minutes to your morning routine; not a big sacrifice! Also, thoroughly washing your face before bed adds another three minutes to remove oil, dead skin, makeup, and bacteria. Simply rinsing your face in the shower or over the sink only removes about two thirds of the yuck; However, adding a gentle exfoliating cleanser helps remove all of the bacteria, dirt, dead skin, oil, and makeup that accumulates throughout the day.

At night, this means that your face can use oxygen to slough off old skin and detox to help your skin look young and fresh. Nighttime cleansing also prevents your pores from staying open, and prevents things like acne and dehydration.

Throughout the day, your activities cause oil to accumulate on your skin. Beginning your day with a clean face prevents the skin you sloughed off overnight from getting into your pores. This also means that your makeup goes on over clean and rejuvenated skin, so you need to cover/conceal less.

Morning Facial Cleanse

Right before you begin putting on your makeup, or doing your hair, start by thoroughly wetting your face. Use your finger tips to massage a gentle exfoliating cleanser over your entire face, including behind and around your ears. Allow the cleanser to work for a few seconds before you begin to rinse it off. Always rinse every tiny bit of cleanser off to avoid residue drying your skin, and causing cracks. Then, dry your face by patting it gently with a facial towel, or one that you only use on your face. Use hydrating lotion after your cleanse for a beautiful shine.

Nightly Facial Cleanse

After the rest of your nightly routine, before bed, thoroughly wet your face. Massage a nighttime moisturizing cleanser into your face with your entire hands to build up a nice lather. Carefully rinse every little bit of cleanser off your face. When you finish, pat your face dry with your facial towel, and get a good nights rest.

Important Tips

Some common sense applies to washing your face, but it seems like sense is hardly a common virtue lately. Follow these tips to get the most out of your daily facial cleanse:

  • Wash your hands! Why would you want to clean your face with dirty hands that will make it worse off?
  • Avoid excessive exfoliating! If you scrub your face pink and raw, that’s hardly attractive.
  • Rinse all the cleanser off! Any residue becomes soap scum, which badly dehydrates your face.
  • Never skip! Would you skip brushing your teeth in the morning because you did it the night before? GROSS!
  • Use Lukewarm Water. To hot will cause your pores to open wide, to cold will make your face dry.

On a final note, make sure you pick a cleanser specifically for your face. If you have a naturally dry face, use a creamier cleanser to rehydrate your skin. If your skin always seems more oily, try a foaming or gel cleanser to help with the extra oil.

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