Feel Happy – Five Tricks I Use to Feel Happy

feel happy

The choice to feel happy sometimes seems like a really hard things to do. In thirty years, I’ve collected a few tricks that help my mood, and also feel healthier. I learned my first trick form a friend who told me to stare at ceiling with a big cheesy smile. Once I complied, they asked me to try and feel depressed. I bust into hysterics, and it actually felt pretty good to laugh. Some of the other hacks I know require less physiological knowledge.

Drink Citrus to Feel Happy

I think the smell actually affects some circuit in your brain that makes you feel slightly elated. My morning face wash also has orange essence in it, and I feel energized from the smell of that too. Citrus in general reminds me of the tropics, so I half wonder it that’s why people seem so relaxed there. As a bonus, citrus also contains vitamin C and helps your digestion.

Dress Pretty

Feeling pretty for no reason at all feels pretty incredible. Doing something as simple as applying bright red lipstick can increase your endorphins for no logical reason. Even if you have no place to go, treat yourself to a well deserved dress up date.

Listen to Happy Music

I love listening to something upbeat and happy. The feeling of a good beat with a decent melody and happy lyrics just brightens everything. I have to remind myself sometimes to avoid depressing singers that only think about breaking up. Spotify helps with that, but I prefer my own YouTube playlist.

Eating Raw Nuts

Okay, this one seems like a little nutty. However, the serotonin in raw almonds rocks at both giving you a healthy snack, and curbing your appetite. I know some people prefer cashews, but I feel particular for my almonds. Oh, and avoid sugary or roasted nuts or you will crash later.

Serve Someone Else

It might seem strange if you never try it, but helping someone else with something important to them feel awesome! You can buy them a gift, help with a chore, sit down and listen, offer encouragement, or even just give out a hug. The endorphins you get from serving someone else feel great!

Bonus Feel Happy Trick!

Stand on your head. I know, you might think this one seems ridiculous. However, it’s scientifically proven that if you elevate your heart above your head, you get a burst of oxygen in your brain that feels amazing.

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