Female Price – An In Depth Look

The Female Price of Male Pleasure
The Female Price of Male Pleasure

I recently read an article from feminist Lili Loofbourow entitled “The female price of male pleasure.1” In her article she discusses in depth the science of how some women experience pain during intercourse. Then she goes on to describe the monstrous things men do to women unknowingly. After reading the article and doing a little research, I saw a massive problem.

Lili Loofbourow

To her credit, Ms. Loofbourow writes exceptionally well.2 She cites her reliable sources, and keeps her prose easy to read. After glancing over her works from The Week, New York Times, Salon, The Guardian, and others, I noticed they all read the same. With titles such as The Myth of the Male Bumbler or The Many Faces of Tatiana Maslany, her writing reeks of bias and bigotry.

The Problem With Feminism

In her article “The Female Price,” Ms. Loofbourow delves deep into sociological reasons women allow men to hurt them. She then gives several well cited biological reasons why intercourse sucks for women. The entirety of the article shows a complete lack of concern for those women who live perfectly healthy personal lives.

The overall theme makes women out as weak and pitiful. So while some women do suffer from extremely painful ailments, not all of them sit back and allow men to hurt them. And while some unfortunately do try and power through the pain, not all men show a complete lack of empathy either.

Generalization Hurts Causes

Fortunately, Ms. Loofbourow understands the biology that causes the problem. Thankfully, her article brought an issue to light. The reality of issues like dyspareuniaGoogle, need attention. However, generalizing that all women feel the same makes the cause less credible. Every time a woman who enjoys her partner reads the article, it becomes that much less credible.

Solutions To Female Pain

The well documented medical treatments for painful intercourse (dyspareunia) can help most women. Since according to “The Female Price,” 70% of women enjoy intercourse, the remaining 30% still have hope. By learning to communicate clearly with their partners, they can stop experiencing pain. If their partner forces the issue, then she needs to get out of that toxic relationship.

A healthy sex life promotes healthy self-esteem and emotional intimacy. To any heterosexual guy who thinks sex feels great, try pleasing your partner first. A woman with the afterglow of a couple of wild orgasms can turn a night of “great” sex into the ride of your life.