Healthy Fingernail Habits You Need

Practicing healthy fingernail habits every day help you avoid several annoying problems. Proper nail care also turns healthy looking nails into works of art.

Healthy Fingernail Habits

  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals
  2. Most generic nail polish prevents sunlight from reaching your nails. Nail polish removers with acetone dry your nails and remove vital oils. Excessive water can cause them to dry out and crack badly. Harsh soaps also create problems with dry nails. To avoid problems with all of these chemicals, simply start reading the labels of the stuff you use, and wear gloves to do chores.

  3. Drink Lots of Water
  4. Like the rest of your body needs you to stay hydrated, you nails feel the effects of dehydration too. Silly as it sounds, you can often mildly dry nails by simply drinking more water.

  5. Enjoy Regular Manicures
  6. Instead of using any old clippers to chop your nails, a little time and effort into healthier nails. Begin by purchasing a set of sharp nail clippers, a good file, and a cuticle stick. Then soak your hands in lukewarm water or olive oil for 10-15 minutes. Once your hands soften considerably, clip the nails. Afterwards file down the rough edges, and tuck your cuticles gently back to the edge of your nail. Avoid cutting your cuticles unless you have a real issue with a malformed edge. Once you finish adjusting your cuticles, wash your hands with moisturizing soap. To finish, massage moisturizing lotion into your hands, to include your fingernails.

  7. Stop Using Your Nails as a Multi-tool
  8. Your fingernails lack the stainless steel finish of a good multi-tool, so stop using them as such. Things like opening soda cans, scraping off stickers, and texting incessantly cause serious issues with your fingernails. Instead buy an actual multi-tool, use a pen, or a knife, anything but your fingernail.

  9. Use Gloves When You do Chores
  10. Aside from wearing latex gloves to do the dishes, you also need a gloves for a few other chores. Have a pair of gloves handy for gardening, cleaning, and even painting. Keeping your fingernails protected from harsh chemicals, dirt, and water will go a long way in keeping them looking great!

A Note

A condition called onychoschizia causes your nails to crack chronically. If you believe you suffer from this, please contact your health care provider immediately.

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