Intermittent Fasting – Thrity Day Trial

Intermittent Fasting

Crystal brought up the idea of intermittent fasting after reading The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung. At first, I dug in my heals against the idea of “skipping” meals for weight loss. However, after a little more research of my own, I decided to try it.

My First Week Of Intermittent Fasting

First, Crystal developed our eating schedule. That meant we decided to replace two meals on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Instead of eating regular food, we drank water and bone broth.

On Sunday, I felt pretty good. Then, on Monday the hunger pangs began hitting me pretty hard. Just as I felt like giving in, we ate dinner. Later, on Wednesday, I felt pretty much the same way. The pangs bothered me so much, I actually cheated a tincy bit on a bag of peanuts.

By Friday, the dread of fasting hit me the moment I woke up. The pangs felt a little more managable, but my emotions bounced all over the place! It took grocery shapping to relax me a little. Of the things I enjoyed most, having a less than $90 shopping bill felt pretty nice.

Intermittent Fasting During The Second Week


During my second week of fasting, I reached a point where I felt totally overwhellmed. Then, after eating a small amount, I felt a little more balanced. I spent a lot of time researching helpful options afterwards. Some of the ideas included:

  • Fast two nonconsecutive days a week.
  • Only do light exercise on fasting days.
  • After at least two weeks, add one more day of fasting to your routine.

Based on the best tips I could find, I slowed down my fasting to only two days a week. Next, I adjusted my fitness routine to make my second fasting day lighter. At the end of my second week, I’d lost one pound.

Week Three Of Intermittent Fasting

This week changed with only fasting for sixteen hours, twice a week. At first, I felt tons better. Then, I realized that I still ate my normal meals, at the normal times. Essentially, a sixteen hour fast meant simply not snacking between dinner and my late breakfast. I think I may finally figure this out.

Skipping meals, and risk royally messing with my hormones, never worked for me. However, by avoiding snacking, and focussing on eating healthy meals I lost weight.

During this week, I only lost about half a pound. Fortunately I can blame my son’s birthday party for that.

The Final Week of Intermittent Fasting

Halloween created a small snag in my plans for loosing tons of weight. However, I feel a ton wiser now. This week I focussed on eating healthy, hearty meals twice daily, and ending my day with a salad. The lessons I learned about fasting include one or two I never realized before.

  • First, I maintain that skipping meals to lose weight remains a bad idea. It messes with my hormone balance, and causes some serious health issues.
  • Second, by avoiding snacks, your body can and will lower it’s insulin tollerance. This prevents your body from maintaining a “weight memory.”
  • Third, exercising still remains one of the most reliable ways to maintain your health. Smart eating, wholesome exercise, and proper sleep all contribute to your overall health.

I may only lose one to two pounds a week on my lifestyle. However, maintaining good health should always take precedence.

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