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Jean Sizes
Jean Sizes
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True jean sizes depend entirely the manufacture. However, you can estimate fairly accurately to find your approximate size. Despite what my research shows, I actually wear size 14L Bootcut by Levi Strauss. Now that I got that out of the way…

Quick Jean Sizes

A short Google search reveals a massive list of jean sizes. Then, as you explore each link, you discover that each company seems to use random numbers. For example, my sizes looked something like this:

Waist: 36; Hips: 41; Thigh: 24

  • PacSun: XL
  • MissMe: 30
  • MIHJeans: 29
  • SilverJeansCo: 19
  • CalvinKlien: XL

Next, I read an old article I wrote around 2011 about finding jean sizes. Back then, you could subtract about 21 inches from your waist measurement to figure it out. Now, It seems like you need to subtract 22-23 from your waist measurement to find your jean size. Somehow it feels like as people get bigger, jean companies size their pants to avoid hurt feelings.

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