Lovely Lace Lingerie – Know Your Undies

Lace LIngerie
Lace Lingerie

My love affair with lace lingerie began the very first moment lace caressed my hips. The idea for writing this particular post came from the fact that today is national lace day! Lingerie comes in several cuts, types, materials, and colors. Today, I decided to write one about lace.

Lace Lingerie

The word lace originated from the Latin word for entice or ensnare. Literally, it’s referring to a noose, but that sounds a lot less fun. The oldest lace came from cleverly embroidered threads used to decorate clothing or linen. But we all know what we like to decorate with lace!

While lingerie originated from Ancient Egypt (like 3000BC), using sexy materials like lace only just began in the late 18th century in France!

Lace appeals to both men and women for different reasons. For men, it’s aesthetically pleasing to see their partner adorned in the nearly sheer material. For us that enjoy wearing it, well we know how sexy the elegant strands feel against our most sensitive skin!

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