Loving Your Body Enough To Take Care Of It

Loving Your Body

Loving your body seems like the most difficult concept in the world for most women to understand. Granted, with so much negative influence from television, magazines, and other women, you understand why. Many women complain about how they feel fat, or their butt looks to big, or their breasts seem to small. Then, on January first, every year gym membership goes up, and you can see women everywhere working to ‘fix’ themselves. By March, gym memberships fall, and everything goes back to normal. The reason might baffle you: Women feel little love for their own bodies.

Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.” -AU

How Loving Your Body Changes Things

Imagine waking up every morning, and feeling warm and fuzzy about the woman you see in the mirror. You love everything about the body you see. Of course it has imperfections, so do kids and spouses, but you still love them. Now, take a second and consider, you love your spouse, but they can’t eat sugar because of diabetes. You take extra care to make certain that everything you cook or buy for them protects them from harm. Say you have a child who wants to prepare for a race, but sometimes they need your encouragement to train. You do these things because you love them.

Come back to loving the person you see in the mirror every morning. You notice that they have a little extra stuffing after Thanksgiving. Encourage them to work it off. Take your body for an extra mile when you jog, or do one more set on you daily workout. Do whatever it takes to take care of your body and you will also enjoy the results along the way.

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