Pear Body Type – How to Dress for Your Shape

Pear Body Type

A pear body type refers to girls with larger hips and a nicely defined waist, with a more slender torso. If that sounds like you, then show off your waist! To balance out your great butt and well defined waist with your upper body, you need to emphasize it.

Tops For Your Pear Body Type

Since you want to enhance your upper body while showing off your waist, start by looking for fitted tops. Draw attention upwards with V or U neck collars. Try to find tops that have princess sleeves, as well as designs and material around your bust and shoulders. Lastly, look for brighter colors with bold patterns.

Shopping tips for tops:

  • Draw attention upward with collars that show your neck well.
  • Emphasize your waist with fitted or nipped tops.
  • Enhance your bust with a padded bra.
  • Try to buy shirts with structured shoulders and a wide neckline.
  • Emphasize your bust and add volume with fancy stitching and dramatic sleeves.
  • Also look for darted waists.
  • Avoid jackets with lower pockets.

Bottoms For Your Pear Body Type

While you have a great butt, you want to minimize it to balance out your top. To do this, you want to use lightly gathered skirts that avoid adding volume. A-line skirts also work well for this. Try getting pants with plain pockets and legs that fall straight from the widest part of your hips. For your bottoms, you want to stick to darker neutral colors with clean lines and simple stitching.

Bottom tips:

  • Try and lightly gathered or A-line skirts that de-emphasize your great butt.
  • Avoid excessive pockets, and pockets with attention grabbing stitching.
  • Look for darker neutral colors for both skirts and pants.
  • Wear pants that fall freely from the widest part of your waist.

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