Phone Games – Unplugging

Phone Games

As a results of my social media fast, I began thinking about my phone games. After measuring the amount of time I or Crystal spend with our phones in hand, I felt sick. The fast taught me so much about spending less time on social media, but what else could I change?

Deleting My Phone Games

On November 1st, 2018 I deleted every single game from my phone. First, I felt a tiny sense of accomplishment. Then, as my morning rolled on, I began to feel annoyed that I couldn’t play a game. Before noon I realized that I began opening my social media again and wasting more time. Simply deleting my games caused more issues, and I wanted to know why.

Addiction To Phone Games

Like most addictions, quitting cold turkey acutally caused more issues initially, because it left a void. The sudden excess of time left me feeling icky at first. Stress and anxiety begin to creep in relatively quickly, making your day a little irritating.

Similar to substance abuse, you need to replace the addiction with something else. In my first day, social media became the obbsession. I needed to find an outlet.

Replacing My Phone Games

Deleting Phone Games

After realizing that I needed something else to focus on, I began diving into my college classes even more. Within a week, I reached the halfway point on one of my more difficult classes. My schooling seemed so much easier!

After a little bit, I began to notice that I needed to think like I did during my weeks without social media. My drawing and writing began improving a little bit too. Escencially, without games and endless hours on social media, I could focus on myself.


Unfortunately, you cannot dictate what anyone else does with all of your free time. But you can dedicate yourself to making them feel loved and appreciated. As a word of caution, you may feel spiteful to your significant other of friends at first. Get over it, you cannot control their actions.

I dare you to try a week without games or social media! Let me know how it goes!

I grew up in Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, México, where people either owned cattle ranches or fruit orchards. Much of my work ethic came from working on Rancho La Mesa (my family’s ranch). That ranch also sparked what grew into my wild imagination. I read somewhere that you should write the story you want to read, and that stuck with me. My writing began in sixth grade, around the time I began learning to type.