Scary New World – My First Day

Scary New World

I just took my first step into a scary new world. Today I took my very first pills to start hormone replacement therapy. My lack of expectations scares me as I have no idea what happens next. Regardless, I want to stick to this. At the moment I feel completely elated, and I wonder how long the elation lasts.

Current Regime

  • Progynova: 2 mg AM & PM
  • Aldactone: 100 mg AM & PM

Progynova, the 17-betaestradiol pill that I began taking, promotes developing female traits. I decided on the pill despite the risk of blood clots, because I have no risk factors. The general idea for that means no tobacco, no alcohol, and no recreational drugs.

My anti-androgen, Aldactone, suppresses secreting DHT, or the byproduct of testosterone. This not only allows the Progynova to work, but it also lowers my blood pressure substantially. So the health benefits alone almost feel like more of a reason to start this.