Shaving Your Legs Painlessly

shaving your legs

Shaving your legs may seem like a unique form of torture, created just for you; I disagree. I began collecting ideas around the millennium that hold true for everyone, and make shaving a much more pleasant experience.

Tips For Shaving Your Legs

Before you even think of touching a razor to skin, take a nice long, hot, steamy shower. Allow the water and steam to warm your skin soften your body hair. While you shower, use a moisturizing scrub and loofah to remove all of your dead cells. This little step prevents dead skin from clogging your razor and causing nasty pulling on your hair as you shave.

Once you’ve softened and cleaned you skin, generously apply shaving gel or conditioner to your legs. These act as lubricant between your skin and your razor, which prevents the smooth metal from sticking to your skin. Take short, gentle strokes when you actually begin shaving your legs. Make sure you shave all the way around your leg from the top of your foot to your bikini line.

After you completely finish shaving both legs, rinse them off in lukewarm water. Once you rinse the lubricant off, use a soft towel to carefully pat your legs dry. Immediately apply moisturizing lotion with SPF to protect your legs from irritation.

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