Social Media Fast – Unplugging For Two Weeks

Social Media Fast

On October 6, 2018, Crystal and I agreed to try a social media fast. So for ten days, I unplugged from all of my social media accounts. First, we turned off all of our notifications on our phones. Then, we figured out other things to do instead. I worked on my sketches, piano, and writing during my home time. During my commute to work, I began listening to scriptures and spiritual messages.

Physical Benefits Of A Social Media Fast

Treadmill during a Social Media Fast

During a social media fast, you suddenly discover massive blocks of empty time. Using that time to develop yourself physically occurred to me after the first week. I began developing my fitness routine based on the Marine Corps Fitness program.

Mental Benefits of A Social Media Fast

Reading During a Social Media Fast

With the time I added to my reading, I began to notice new ideas coming to me. Within a day, I drafted a dozen new post ideas. After about a week, I realized how much mental effort I put into social media.

During the social media break, I also found more time that I could dedicate to college. Possibly graduating sooner gave me all sorts of ideas. 

Emotional Benefits Of A Social Media Fast

It felt odd at first to miss the sociopolitical commentary. However, after a few days, I realized that I felt so much less anger. Sometimes, I felt a little left out, but that seemed like a small price to pay. Feeling happy in even the worst circumstances proved an interesting situation.

During the social media fast, I recieved news that my occupational field downsized. At first, I felt devastated to realize my job changed again. But after a little thinking, I worked through those emotions. Posting them on social media would have started an echo chamber of pity.

Spiritual Benefits Of A Social Media Fast

Being an Angel during a social media fast

Studying my scriptures, and listening to spiritual messages occupied a good hour of each day. I noticed after a few days that I began to feel more open to impressions.

I managed to finish reading the Book of Mormon, which marks off one of my goals this year. Finishing one goal earlier than anticipated feels pretty great.

Overall Results

After fourteen days without social media, I realize that sometimes I need time without it. The world survived just fine without me plugged in.

I grew up in Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, México, where people either owned cattle ranches or fruit orchards. Much of my work ethic came from working on Rancho La Mesa (my family’s ranch). That ranch also sparked what grew into my wild imagination. I read somewhere that you should write the story you want to read, and that stuck with me. My writing began in sixth grade, around the time I began learning to type.