Spoon Body Type- How to Dress for Your Shape

Spoon Body Type

With a spoon body type you tend to gain weight in your tummy more quickly than any other part. Love-handles frequently adorn your hips, and you can sometimes have a shelf appearance. You have great arms and lower legs. To accentuate your best features, you need to draw attention to your upper torso. Try to avoid emphasizing your tummy while showing off your curves. Mini-skirts belong in your wardrobe!

Tops for a Spoon Body Type

From the top, you want to accentuate your waist, minimize your tummy, and draw attention upwards. Try tops with an empire waist and a V-neck. You could also use a top that skims your midsection, and shows off your shoulders. Embellishments or pretty designs around your bust help balance your upper body as well.

Shopping for tops:

  • Try and find tops that accentuate you waist, but fit loosely over your hips.
  • Use a bow or banded waist to draw attention from your tummy.
  • Show off your bust with embellishments, layered material, or other pretty designs.
  • Babydoll cut tops work perfectly for your body type.
  • With nipped in waists, make sure the seam is high so that it doesn’t show off your tummy.
  • Fitted jackets that have a wider collar, nip in at the waist, and then flow away from the body work perfectly.

Bottoms for a Spoon Body Type

Since you want to minimize your lower half, definitely avoid highly decorated or flap pockets. Also keep in mind that miniskirts were designed with you in mind. Try not to get pants that flare up even a little, show off your legs instead. Wear darker pants and skirts with solid colors. Choosing wide waistbands will also help you avoid showing your tummy off.

Shopping for Bottoms:

  • Straight or pencil skirts look great on you, especially with a well balanced top.
  • Avoid skirts that show off your hips with embellishments or other decorative features.
  • Buy bottoms that hang from your hips, without adding volume to them.
  • Stick to darker colors with no pockets.
  • Relaxed fit jeans look great on you, and they feel pretty good.

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