Treating Sunburn – An Unexpected Way!

Treating Sunburn

I recently learned a strange method of treating sunburn. During one of my recent contracts, my employer took me to Mahé Seychelles, just off the coast of Africa. His reason for visiting included volunteering to help renovate a rehabilitation center. However, philanthropy aside, when I wasn’t protecting him I spent some wonderful hours on the beach. While we were painting, one of the patients notices I was limping a little from my sun exposure. He pulled me aside and gave me some instructions.

Treating Sunburn With Coconut Water

First, he told me to take two coconuts and chop the tops off to get to the water inside. Then, he told me to pour the water into a small glass. He explained that I needed to hold the coconut water against my burned skin for three minutes. Then he told me everything would feel good as new!

Leave it to me to Google it as soon as we returned to our Villa. I couldn’t find anything about coconut water! I wish I could say that went out and picked a couple right off the tree. Alas I opted for Aloe Vera instead. I carry a small jar of pure aloe extract for just such occasions (a girl never learns). I applied to cool salve to my burns and in about three days I felt good as new.

A part of me will now always wonder what would happened if I tried pure coconut water next time. But in this case a tried and true remedy worked quickly enough. Oh well, I’ll just have to try laying out on the beach next time I’m in a tropical paradise!

Just of the record, the best method of treating sunburn is SPF 50 every hour you’re in the sun. Since that seems hard to remember, do you know any other natural remedies for sunburn? Please let me know in the comments below. If you’d like to contact me directly, you can email

  • J.A.F.O.
    Did you ever try apple cider vinegar? I've used that on a number of occasions, and I find that it takes the sting of the Sun burn right out. Granted, sometimes you smell like a tossed salad, but given the choice between that or feeling the intense sting of a sunburn, I prefer the former rather than the latter. LOL If you Google it, you'll find that apple cider vinegar has a lot of different uses. You can even use it for athlete's foot and such. As far as applying it to your skin for a sunburn, you can either Port straight on depending on the area, or, you can saturate a wash cloth or paper towel and apply it directly that way. It will stay on the affected area longer and you can use less by doing it that way.
    • Dawn Summer
      I haven't personally tried that one, but I've heard about using Apple cider vinegar before. In a pinch, I agree, I'd rather smell like a salad than be burned.