Women and Weights: Myth vs Reality

A quick Google search yields so many results about weights not making women bulky, I wonder why this myth still exists. I guess maybe since more women spend less time on Google looking up bodybuilding they only see the gym commercials. I mean the commercials showing all the women on the bikes, treadmills, and stair climbers while the guys grab the nearest dumbbell.

Weights and Workouts

When writing this article, I poked around on scholar to check out the most up to date scientific articles on the subject. All that data simply said that most women exercise to get fit or lose weight. A quick trip to bodybuilding.com gave me much more relevant data, like an article by fitness mom Kellie Davis. She goes into great detail about weights in her writing, and points out that using weights incinerates extra pounds much quicker than cardio alone.

With burning fat in mind, you can turn to a million and one apps on Google Play as well as the App Store that all focus on exercises you can do. My personal favorites come from a combination of bodybuilding.com, Spotebi, and Darebee. I still run anywhere from four to five miles a day. But in 2018, I will definitely add several different weight routines to my weekly workouts.

What goals do you have this year?

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