Sandwich Pancake

Sandwich Pancake | McGriddle Copycat

April 28, 2019 0

These delicious little sandwich pancakes provide endless options with their cook in syrupy goodness. You can use your choice of egg, meat, cheese, or whatever to make your perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner sandwich!

Pizza Crust Personal Pizza

Pizza Dough Made Simple

March 31, 2019 0

This ultra simple pizza dough allows you to make anything from a pizza to a fancy italian bread. Leave out the spices and fry it for a delicious donut!

Flour Tortillas

Flour Tortillas From Scratch

March 6, 2019 0

Sweet flour tortillas allow you to make the best in Mexican Cuisine. While many recipes use lard, shortening or vegetable oil, mine makes use of the natural flavor of butter.

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