National Day of Prayer 2020

On this, our National Day of Prayer, as I bow my head with my fellow Americans to pray for our Country, I consider our blessings.

My Small Prayer

Gratitude fills me for the privilege we share to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience. As well as the opportunity we enjoy to share ideas; challenging those we disagree with, and discussing new ideas that might help us see the bigger picture.

I feel a deep reverence for the men and women who have stood up against those who would harm us. Whether members of the military, or just responsible citizens, many have stood against tyranny. Because I understand that not all enemies come from our gates, but some would attack us from within.

Even though, we should unquestioningly feel grateful for so many more blessings; there are also many challenges we face.

Bless those working tirelessly to protect us from the 2019 novel betacoronavirus (COVID-19). Again, I thank thee for our dedicated scientists who managed to identify the virus. However, I ask a blessing for them; grant them the strength and inspiration to eradicate this infection.

Likewise, I plead for a blessing upon our Nations elected leaders. Remind them of their oath before thee to the protect the people of our nation. As they contemplate the future of our Country, fill them with compassion for those they serve. Particularly, bless them with the impressions and revelation they need to serve thee.

An Invitation

I humbly invite anyone reading this, to join with us as a nation on this, our National Day of Prayer. Please pray for our Nation.


  • Cree Dalene began writing in 2002, for a short story competition. Over the years, Cree developed a love for sharing ideas. Soon that included sharing other skills like cooking, fitness, and programming.

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