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Roblox recently “announced” that they were developing a content rating system for their Massive Multi-Player Online (MMO) Social Platform (Jargon, 2021). Two of my children played Roblox until I began digging into this a lot deeper. However, to help you see what I mean, I’ll start a little farther back.

Roblox Corporation

David Baszucki and Erik Cassel started their company in 2004, as an MMO game creation platform. When they released it in 2006, the platform quickly disappeared in the crowd, as its creators never really marketed it. Almost a decade later, the platform began to gain popularity, as children began exploring their creative possibilities. With capabilities like dragon adventures, jailbreaks, driving, exploring Bloxburg, or the wild West (featured below), there seems to be something for everyone. Additionally, for anyone with a creative edge, you can even make your own games and host them on Roblox.

Digital Well-Being

Roblox knows how to offer resources for parents and children to enjoy their time online (Digital Well-Being, 2021). Their advice for both children and parents focuses on teaching children how to handle negative and dangerous situations.

Roblox as a +13 Platform

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) dictates that a company cannot collect any personal information about a child under the age of 13 (COPPA, 2013). In that regard, the company still gives a best-effort attempt to protect children by implementing filters and warning against “offensive” content in their terms of use. However, these so-called deterrents cannot protect children from exposure to explicit sexual content.

Bypassing Chat Filters

Almost every gamer knows that the concept of using a chat filter for protection rarely works. In the case of this particular game, they filter the most explicit content, replacing words with # instead. However, by simply posting one letter per line, anyone can bypass that. Additionally, using common misspellings, or euphemisms make it easy to say explicit things. The human mind, especially those of children can imagine anything, and exploiting that in-game exposes children to adult situations at disgusting rates (think “Mad Gab”).

One Letter Words






Up racked hick gulch oak.

A practical joke

Rye doubt these dorm

Ride out the storm

Eye pillow fizz sigh

Apple of his eye

Parental Controls

In an effort to maintain its current player base, Roblox implemented strict parental controls. Unfortunately, those depend on the child, parent, and platform to work correctly (McKenna, 2021). Which, as shown in several articles from 2017 to 2021, still fails to protect children from images of sexual encounters, genitalia, and even sex-trafficking situations (Smith, 2017; Jensen, 2018, Silman, 2020; Fitzsimmons, 2021).


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  • Cree Dalene began writing in 2002, for a short story competition. Over the years, Cree developed a love for sharing ideas. Soon that included sharing other skills like cooking, fitness, and programming.

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